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About Us

Our learning philosophy:

With commitment and affection, we develop within each child a love for learning and the desire to become life-long achievers.  The High Reach curriculum is a well balanced and developmentally appropriate curriculum which also encourages social growth.  This curriculum aligns with the standards set by Florida and still allows for the teacher to make decisions based on the children’s needs and interests.  At Intercoastal Kids, creative expression is encouraged through play and our extracurricular programs.  We teach kids how to make wise food choices, be independent in hygiene and personal care, and to respect themselves as well as their fellow classmates.  Our center is a safe, nurturing, compassionate learning environment where our professional and dedicated teachers encourage each child to be confident of his or her abilities and to be sensitive to the needs of others.  We value open communication with parents to help reinforce what is learned at home and in school.  Intercoastal Kids accepts each child as an individual.  Cultural differences and the uniqueness of each child and family are recognized and respected.  We take pride in creating a community for our children to grow, learn and explore.

We know how important your child is and that although we can’t be with our kids every minute of every day, Intercoastal Kids gives your family the next best thing.   We have webcams throughout the center so even while you’re at work, you can be a part of your child’s day.  Whether they’re running on the playground, dancing, or learning a new letter, you can be there to witness in their joy and learning.  Intercoastl Kids hosts various events throughout the year and we invite every family to participate in the festivities such as our Fall Festival, Christmas Program, Spring Picnic and many more.   We hope you’ll join our community!

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